What Exactly Is Compassion?

This thought is sparked by another blog I was reading over at supernannyrules.com
that got me thinking about compassion. What is it to be compassionate about other people’s needs?

It is one thing to be accepting of an illness or diagnosis when it doesn’t really affect you. It is quite another ot be compassionate in the face of poor behaviour.

I don’t mean that we should put up with poor behaviour. Nathan and Eric will both need to navigate the world in ways that are socially acceptable. Nathan may have a harder time with it, and because he looks “normal” he won’t get any breaks from the casual onlooker.

But is it right to so harshly judge children? Is it right to make their parents feel less than, humiliated or incapable? I have lots of experience with the feeling. It make me wonder if I am the only person who has ever had a difficult child. Because based on the stares, whispers & outright comments, I would wonder that everyone else had this parenting thing figured out & forgot to give me the manual.

If anyone happens to have a spare copy lying about, would you mind to ship it my way?


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