Do Tell

Well, let’s just start with why I didn’t want to tell Mom & Dad… I didn’t want to put them through what Neil & I have been through in the last week. I don’t know if I look at Nathan differently now, maybe I do a little. Certainly I put his behaviour in the context of his diagnosis. As in, is this behaviour because he has ____ or is it because he is being a rotten little brat?

I didn’t want to take away “Nathan” from them. But, they have also been a rock-solid support system for us & I can’t keep things a secret either. I gave Mom the doctor’s report & simply told Dad. Neither one of them really reacted. In fact, I am not sure Mom even cares, in a way. She just said, ‘well, he’s still our Nathan’. I am glad she thinks so, but I hope she is able to accept the diagnosis too. Dad said he had suspected that would be the diagnosis, but had hoped it wouldn’t be.

So, all that worrying for nothing. Now we have to tell Neil’s parents & the rest of the family. Out of respect for his mom & dad, I will continue to wait to post the details. If you are curious & have my e-mail or telephone #, I will tell you though.


One thought on “Do Tell

  1. when I told my family Matty’s dx they all told me the same thing…he is still our Matty. And they were right. The dx was a tool to better help the child. It didn’t change him or anything. He would always be the same.

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