Normal or Something Like it

We’re off to Winnipeg for “A Day Out With Thomas”. The boys are practically turning cartwheels they are so excited.

I can hardly wait to see their faces when they ride the train. I am hoping to take them to the Zoo, an amusement park & a children’s museum (where you can touch stuff!, as my niece says) this weekend. That sounds like a lot. Maybe too much, but we’ll see how they do.

And of course, we’ll be off to Chapters. I love Chapters. The one we’re going to is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Maybe Toronto has a bigger one. I don’t care. The last time I went, I was there 2 hours & didn’t even look at half the sections. This time I am on a mission to learn everything we can about Nathan’s diagnosis.

And, I swear, I will talk about it in specifics soon. We need to let our families know first. I can’t imagine Mom finding out from a website. But, I am willing to be you all can guess.


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