That’s What Friends Do

Sometimes you think that your life is going to hell in a handbasket. Sometimes you think that the stress is going to finally break you.

Then you log into Facebook & find out you’re not the only one.

I called my friend last night because I hadn’t talked to her in quite a while & her FB status was cryptically bad. I knew that there were some serious stresses in her life these days, but thought I should really take the time to “be there”. She lives very far away or I would have driven to her door & offered my shoulder. Or a diet Coke. Maybe both.

It was so awesome to catch up with her, but it made me realize how much I have missed her day to day presence in my life. When she lived closer, we would catch up most weeks, now we’re averaging once every 2 months. We have 5 children under 10 & 2 hours time difference between us, so that is generally the excuse. (I must stop making excuses & instead make time for my friend)

I am reminded of the following this week:
God won’t give you anything you can’t handle (but I wish He didn’t trust me so much) &
If God can bring you to it, He can bring you through it.

I think these basically sum up my feelings. I feel extremely “trusted” these days, but I have faith that we will come out on the other side. At least we’re speaking again. After we first got the Genetics test done, all I did was sit in silence, knowing that even though I didn’t have the words, God had the embrace.


2 thoughts on “That’s What Friends Do

  1. Jeepers I love you, Michelle!
    Thanks for the talk, the support,and the reassurance that you are there even if I never call you! Hugs and prayers,

  2. Hey, refer to the title babe. That’s what friends do.

    You are always at the front of my prayer list.

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