Can’t blame it on the Kids

Well, the no-nap experiment seems to be a success. The boys are sleeping at a reasonable hour now. So, how come Mommy can’t get any sleep? Am I tired?? You bet. I get up at 5:30, I go to bed around 11 or later. And no, I don’t nap in the day either.

Today, I am dragging & feel blessed that it is Friday & that the kids are going to the Lake with my parents for the weekend. I can sleep in tomorrow!!! Unless….I decide to head into the “big city” and do a little retail therapy. I can sleep in Sunday!!!! Unless…..I can’t. Sometimes, I just can’t help but wake up at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. on the weekend & that is the end of my sleep for the whole day. And, just when I finally get all caught up – by going to bed really early one night – the next I am a total insomniac, up until midnight bouncing off the walls.

Why am I so unable to sleep? Maybe because I have an awful time turning off my ever-spinning brain. I think I am so worried about Nathan, kindergarten, IEPs, classroom aide (or lack thereof), bus pick-up & drop-off, getting off this horrid weight-loss plateau I am stuck on (2 weeks, piles of exercise, gained weight), keeping fun in our marriage, keeping up with the house, keeping up with the yard, not having phoned my grandfather or my friends for ages, the only “girl time” I get is on Facebook, knowing I have 2 more university courses to fit in to my fall schedule, berating myself for not being more patient and understanding with my kids……

Ok I think you get the idea of how my head spins now.

So, it keeps me up at night. Fortunately, a snuggle (and I mean that literally) with the hubbie generally helps to soothe the brain. Not every night, so then we turn to the “other” snuggle. *This IS a family-friendly site* If that doesn’t work, well, then it is couch & t.v. time until my eyes run & I wake up at the crack of dawn wondering if I’ve had 3 hours or 5 hours of sleep, and does it matter anyways, because now I’m up for the day.

Yikes. Maybe I will try to go to bed early tonight.

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