Sleep Rocks (Part 2)

We had pre-school registration night last night because there was supposed to be t-ball as well. It rained after lunch, so ball was cancelled, but I didn’t think I should cancel the registration, since I didn’t know who might be coming. In the end, 2 moms showed up, 1 returning, 1 new & I had 2 messages at home from other parents. The boys did pretty well until the Treasurer (name withheld, since I don’t have permission) came and then they acted like little boys who’d been cooped up for 2 hours (which they were).

Treasurer is a valuable resource in our life because she is a Resource Teacher & REALLY seems to know her stuff. She suggested calling the School Division and pushing (hard) to get Nathan’s funding application ready, done & a plan in place in case the funding doesn’t get approved. So, that is probably tomorrow or next week’s project. Too busy today! I just wish that I could sit down with Treasurer & pick her brain a bit, without my children throwing fits in the room.

It was about 8:00 when we got home last night & Eric was fast asleep. So, I put him in bed & there he stayed until 6:50 this morning. Suits me fine. Two nights of decent sleep. IN A ROW! This must be some kind of a record. Neil is off to a Agricultural show today & won’t be home until late late. So, I am really hoping for another early bedtime. That way I can have 5 minutes peace & still get to bed before 11. Sleep totally rocks.


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