Glorious Sleep

The no nap solution seems to have worked, at least for last night. Eric was sleeping by 8:00 and was up & fairly happy by 7:15. Perfect. IF this keeps up, I think I will be one happy momma. He was, however, incredibly grumpy all evening. Hitting, kicking, calling names (I don’t like you ANYMORE!), fighting with Nathan…… well, what do you expect??

I even managed to get a proper sleep last night & woke up feeling a little less sore today. Why am I sore? Well, I have taken up running again & way overdid it on Monday. So, I was planning to just walk this morning, but it was so nice – about 10 degrees (C) & sunny & I get really bored just walking. So, I ended up running/walking 3 miles! Way to go me. Now we’ll see later if that was a very bad idea. But so far I feel great!


2 thoughts on “Glorious Sleep

  1. I love how you say IF. It was like that with Matty. We would change things up and it would work great…for a time. Then we were trying to find some other solution. Though some things stuck. Lots of trial and error in our lives huh

  2. 2 nights in a row. So far, so good. But I know what you mean about trial & error. That is my entire parenting life!

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