Massive Updating Required

Wow. How fast time flies these days! First, an apology to all my lovely readers for taking so long to get back to my blog. I have missed this so much, but haven’t had much time to breathe lately.

We had Nathan’s Kindergarten planning meeting on May 27th. I was pleasantly surprised that the meeting was so positive & had a real atmosphere of sharing & concern for Nathan. I was not surprised that the School Division does not think they have any hope of getting assistance funding for Nathan.

Basically, it comes down to – HE HAS NO DIAGNOSIS. (Because, that’s my fault, right?) Without some kind of actual diagnosis, he slips through the cracks as he isn’t disabled enough, isn’t far enough behind etc. He needs to be 4 years behind in his speech to qualify for automatic, full funding speech. That means he would be NOT talking. I guess as they get older, it gets easier to be 4 years behind, but still…. Fortunately, his upcoming speech therapist is willing to work him in anyhow. He is 3 years behind in his gross motor, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. Except to the school. And us.

One of the “team” members told me after Neil & I left, they all felt sick. They know how hard they will have to fight the province to get funding for him. They know that we probably won’t qualify. They also know that he will have much lower chances of success in Kindergarten without an Aide. So, for now, they have conditional approval for 1 EA to share between Nathan & two other kids, for the first month of Kindergarten. That’s the best they can do, until all the funding decisions are made in October. I think that is great. At least there will be someone in place on day 1. We’ll go from there & pray for good results.

Soooooooo… if that is all that has kept me busy!! Nope. We had OT/PT two days later & Nathan did fantastic! He listened well & tried his best. What more can I ask for? We were at the school for another 2 hours & got to tour the Kinder room, the gym and the hallways. Hopefully that will help him to not be “worried”.

Then, the Mental Health Nurse called & was able to sneak us into the psychiatrist on Tuesday afternoon (June 3). We had to travel about 1.5 hours to see him, but this is the only available appointment until August. Everyone seems to be on “our side”, trying to help us get the diagnosis we so desperately need. Dr. F was very kind & suggested that Nathan might qualify for ASD, or PDD-NOS. He is to put a report together & hopefully we will have it back by the end of June.

THEN…..the school called. They wanted the Nursery School Teacher, Daycare Provider & I to come in to do a new kind of test. The next day. This will help the Resource Teacher to plan an IEP for Nathan. It sounds like they are planning to do an IEP whether he qualifies for funding or not. Yahoo! He scored pretty low (which they were hoping), so this is another tool in the funding arsenal.

THEN….I had a 2 day conference. THEN….I had a weekend off with my husband, while the kids went to Grandma’s for the weekend. THEN….Nathan had his Kinder needles & went to Brandon for speech. THEN…it is today.

No wonder I am exhausted.

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