Well, after weeks of wishing, hoping and dreaming…we finally got some rain. Only 7/10’s of an inch, but it is something. Neil is a little less worried now, but I think another inch or two wouldn’t hurt his feelings one bit. The seeds have been in the ground for close to a month now & just were not germinating due to a lack of rain. When you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, you get pretty worried if the crops don’t grow!

So, we were stuck in the house all day, playing with the kids & listening to a most gentle rain. I think the boys were in near heaven. It has been awhile since Neil had time to just “hang out” with them. Then, lucky me, we went out for supper! The boys figured I missed my Mother’s Day supper out, so it was time to treat me. I could not believe the absolute best behaviour show that the children put on! They were polite, ate all their food & didn’t fight with each other. Now that’s a Mother’s Day present!


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