A, B, C, D ….

Two tired boys, one set of letter cards & a determined mommy is not really a great combination. That was the scene on my kitchen floor last night. We had new letter cards & I was determined that we were going to have some learning time.

That was probably a mistake.

But, since Nathan starts Kindergarten in 3 months and we’ve quit doing “learning time” since it became spring, I thought we should start it up again. I know what a huge difference 30 minutes of active learning makes for him.

Well, after many fights about paying attention….I gave up & sent them to bed. We then fought about bedtime for 2 hours which ended with Nathan falling asleep in my bed while I read a book.

This morning, we were downstairs doing laundry & Nathan dragged me out to the playroom to show me that he saw “A” for apple on the wall. I have all 26 upper case letters on the playroom wall. He then managed to identify B, C, M,N, & X correctly. Then, just to break my heart a little he says “I not a bad boy today, right Mom?”

I swallowed hard & told him “You are never a bad boy, sweetie. You just need to pay attention more. I am so proud of you for showing me the letters!” hug hug, kiss. Yikes. Talk about a tough moment for mommy.


2 thoughts on “A, B, C, D ….

  1. poor sweet Michelle!
    How well I know those knife-in-your-heart parenting moments!
    You are a fabulous mom — your kids won’t remember the moments of fighting — they will remember the lifetime of love and support.
    miss you

  2. Awww. That would make you choke back a tear. I’ve been there and done that before. It’s not a good combo but sometimes our determination just gets in the way 🙂

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