IEP Countdown…

So, we are now at T-minus one week and counting to our very first IEP meeting. I got a report back from his support worker & it was so incredibly positive that I wanted to rip it into little shreds.

How nice is that?

I’ve been doing so much reading on how important the language & tone is for these meetings & to have such a sunny report, well, it made me wonder “with a report like that, why would he need help” I wrote the support worker back (luckily, this report was a draft) with my concerns.
Here’s an excerpt from her report:

Concepts: For numbers, counting from 1- 5 is what he is working on, many skills are emerging such as responding to a question like “how many” for one or two objects and becoming aware of instructions with “all, none, and not any”

My reply: Ummmm… hello, he doesn’t count past 2. Ever. So, 1-5 is a goal, but she makes it sound like he’s doing it.

My nice reply: Nathan can’t or won’t count past 2.

Fine motor: Nathan will participate and do some actions to finger plays and songs, he likes to watch the other kids more, but when prompted, he does some actions. Nathan grasp and manipulation is doing very well, he has been holding his pencil with a proper tripod position before I began working with him, due to his great support system at home. Nathan visual-motor skills are doing fine as well, drawing circles, lines (horizontal and vertical), crosses and his cutting is really coming along. With hoop scissors he is able to cut out a circle with some verbal help from an adult, to slow down and staying on the line.

My nice reply: I am very concerned about Nathan’s pencil grip, at home he seems to be using more of a fist grasp, unless reminded of the proper grip. He is also struggling to copy simple lines (cross, X) particularly if he you make them in advance & ask him to copy them later. He hasn’t shown any interest in making letters. Maybe he is better with it at school, but we’re not seeing much progress at home in this area.

And on it went. I wrote her a new e-mail simply outlining my concerns because I didn’t think it was helpful to stroke out everything & say, “WRONG WRONG WRONG”. Because, she’s not, for the most part. She is overestimating some skills, which I think must be common in preschool.

How am I going to get through this????


One thought on “IEP Countdown…

  1. I’ve been lucky and never had a “bad” IEP…yet. So I am hoping that luck will go on to you too.

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