T-Ball Adventures

Our first journey into T-ball last week was a total bust. Nathan didn’t want to play any of the coach’s games or even participate with the other kids. Eric tried a bit, but got bored.

So, we bought them little (oh wow, are they little!) baseball gloves and started practicing in the yard. I am not a ball player, by the time they are 8 they will have surpassed all my skills. However, at the 3 year old level, I can totally play.

Nathan & Eric played ball with us for almost an hour last night! First we did lots of catching and then Nathan tried batting & Eric kept playing catch with his dad. I am so proud of them for trying & attending a task! I had to keep reminding Nathan to try “once more”, but he seemed to be having fun too. Lots and lots of praise, lots and lots of patience.

Of course, that’s how we teach Nathan everything.

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