Ups & Downs

Today was an Ups & Downs kind of day.
Let’s start with the Ups.
I managed to complete a difficult project at work
We went out for supper tonight & the kids behaved very very well
We had a visit at Nana’s & I feel better for it
I may have made a friend who can share this journey as only one who is “there” can understand.

The Downs:
We got up late, the boys were grumpy & I was late for work
I had a difficult project to do at work that I wasn’t anticipating
We went to T-ball practice & it became increasingly obvious that Nathan’s social skills are
nowhere near his peers’

The T-ball was pretty much a bust. Nathan just wanted to hit the ball, he didn’t want to do the activities the coach was trying to do. One of the other children there, to protect her privacy, we’re going to give her a different name………..Laura, didn’t want to participate either. Ok. Laura has been given an ASD diagnosis & has so many similarities to Nathan. Her mom & I talked for quite awhile about how tough it is to have kids that “look normal” but have developmental issues. It was really great to just have someone to vent a little bit to, who really understands how impossibly hard our kids can be sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Ups & Downs

  1. I completely agree, it is so hard to vent to someone who doesn’t know how much of a struggle you face daily. As you said if a person isn’t “there” they can’t relate. This is a great site. Thanks

  2. At least the other parents are supportive, even if your own struggle looks like a cakewalk to them. It is amazing, soon as you enter the world of “special needs”, everyone is a little kinder.

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