Countdown to our first "Transition Meeting"

There are exactly 13 days left until our first Kindergarten transition meeting. I believe in the rest of the world this meeting is probably referred to as an I.E.P. Based on the (almost no) details we’ve gotten, that’s what it sounds like.

I have tried reading our Provincial legislation surrounding children with special needs & I work in local government, so this is not tough for for me – but I am having a pretty tough time figuring out just exactly what, if anything the school is required to provide for my child.

Based on my reading, Nathan won’t fit the criteria for a provincially funded aide. An aide for him will need to come from the school based budget. Basically it comes down to what CSS told me, no diagnosis, no funding. (Oh and don’t forget the unspoken – and it’s YOUR fault there is no diagnosis.) So, how do we convince the school to cough up the cash? And, how do we find someone who is actually qualified to work with him, as opposed to the first warm body that applies? Grrr. Maybe I should stop looking at the IEP cartoons on Fragile What?!? (see the left side for the link)


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