Who’s Your Daddy?

We had quite a dinner conversation last night. Neil told the boys that Papa is his Dad. Eric, of course, did not believe this for one second. So, we tried to explain that everyone has a mom & a dad. We told them that Oupa is my Daddy & Grandma is my Mommy.

Then, Eric wants to know, who is Mommy’s Papa? I told him that my Papa lives in Edmonton. I was waiting for him to ask about my Grandma, because that would have opened up a whole different conversation, since my Grandma died 10 years ago.

The stuff Eric dreams up & asks questions about, there is no question in my mind that his brain is always working overtime. He thirsts for facts, dates, times, information, how does it work…. sorta reminds me of, well, me. Scary thought.

He looks like Daddy, but he’s definitely mine.


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