Me & My Big Ideas..

It is spring. That’s the theory anyhow. It is still really cold at night, too cold to put plants out, but we were off to the greenhouse yesterday anyway. We have two flower beds in the front of our house that refuse to grow anything. So, I asked the greenhouse owner how I could fix them up. She suggested digging them out, 2x as deep as the plants would be planted, mix in some well rotten manure & add back the other dirt.

Well, believe me, that is lots easier than it sounds. At least we have free manure! Or, cow poop as Eric would call it. He was so helpful yesterday. He scooped out dirt, piled it in the wheelbarrow, scooped in the cow poop, spread it around and waited for me to get the other soil on top. He used a rake to smooth it out and convinced me to keep going when I was about to quit! Remember he is 3! We’d better have the beds fixed up now, cuz that’s way too much work for nothing.

So, now I have $60 worth of perennials for the flower beds that I will have to tend to in the house until after the long weekend, at least. Heaven help me if the boys get hold of a watering can.

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