Adventures in Grocery Land

I must be crazy. Honestly.

I enjoy taking my two children shopping. I have been taking them shopping since they were tiny babies. Sometimes I have a grandma or Neil to come with, but mostly we go alone. The trick to shopping with babies is: start really young & have only 2 things you want to accomplish. That way, if you get more than 2 done, it is a bonus.

At the age of 3 & 5, the boys are expert shoppers. That doesn’t mean they are well behaved angels. They are rotten sometimes just like any other kid. However, they do love to grocery shop & help me pick the different items out. They also love to ride in the “car” carts, which is suddenly becoming too small for both of them to ride comfortably anymore.

We went to our bigger town for groceries after work last night. It was a bit of an exercise in patience as they acted up. A lot. However, we did manage to get almost everything & saved lots of $$ in the process. A $200 grocery run generally lasts about 3 – 3.5 weeks, not including the extra $50 or so in fresh milk & produce I pick up in between. I didn’t have time to make a good run two weeks ago (before I went to Convention), so I ended up spending about $150.00 on food for Neil to last 10 days. Needless to say, I was not pleased, so a proper grocery run was in order.

I love grocery shopping with the boys though. They help bag the produce, get the cheaper stuff off bottom shelves & suggest helpful (and not so helpful) additions to the cart. We learn while we’re there & often they come up with a few surprising sentances or concepts that I hadn’t heard from them before.

Don’t get me wrong though. Grocery shopping alone, well that’s heaven. That only happens about 6 times a year. So, for the other 50 or so times, I enjoy our adventures.


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