Nathan is now over the age of 24 months. (Gross motor development) He officially jumps off things – steps, the edge of the van & a toy. He started jumping off the bottom step yesterday & I nearly hit the ground I was so shocked! We’ve been waiting a very long time, trying to encourage without nagging, giving him lots of safe opportunities to jump, and then, without any fanfare, he JUMPS off the step.

I might be a little proud.

Ok, we even put his jump on our prayer list at church today as something we were happy about. I can’t believe that he has finally done it, 3 weeks before his school transition meeting. At least we have something to hold on to & celebrate as we wait to hear what else he is not doing.

Milestones. They mean everything when they are hard to accomplish.


2 thoughts on “My Son CAN JUMP!

    Way to go, Nathan!
    What great news!
    That boy deserves some cake!
    Love to you all!

  2. You’re not kidding! You should see him – jumps off every step he sees now!!!!

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