Words Words Words

We are hearing so many sentances from Nathan, I can’t believe it! It seems that most of what he says is coming out in at least phrases (2-4 words) if not complete thoughts. He is trying, although he is still hard to understand. He has this gurgly sound quality, it is like there is water in the back of his throat when he talks sometimes. It isn’t always there, but it is kinda weird. His pitch is also pretty high and that can get a little irritating, as the more excited he gets, the louder and higher pitched he can get. Eek!

Eric is singing a lot now too. He knows most of the words to “International Harvester” and quite happily sings along. He’s about most of a beat behind & not a lot of “tone quality” yet, but he is enthusiastic. Hey, the Bible says “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” It says nothing about being in tune.

The change in both the boys is overwhelming all of a sudden. I am noticing so much more growth & development that when they regress a bit & act like babies, I am shocked. Fun fun. I think they do it just to keep me on my toes!

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