Nature Walks

For our honeymoon, we went to Banff & Jasper & spent most of our time hiking & walking on the nature trails. It is a long standing joke about “Michelle’s Nature Walks”, because I insisted we take a diversion on one of the walks. It was only another 10 miles out of the way!! Neil was not so impressed, but the scenery was incredible.

So, I guess I should not have been surprised last night when we ended up on a three mile journey to find Daddy last night. He’s been busy in the fields, working up some land that he cleared in the fall. Eric ran about a full mile & then we ventured out into the field, on foot, in search of the tractor. It was about minus 5 Celsius last night, that is mitten weather, but off we went. Well, we ventured in the wrong direction for awhile & started to head for home, when we spied the prize – the John Deere tractor! The boys were so tired at this point I was starting to wonder if I was going to be carrying them home. (How??) But, off they ran at top speed to catch a ride with Daddy. They take such pleasure in that time together & thought it was a pretty big joke that Mommy had to drive the truck back while they rode in the tractor.

Maybe we should do it every night. My pants ARE too tight & they DID go to bed without whining! Hmmm…..

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