My Little Thief

Since before they could walk, I have patiently reminded the boys that we don’t take things without paying for them. Part of it was just because I knew (somehow) that impulse control was going to be hard & part was just to distract them from trying to sneak things.

Yesterday, we were in our grocery store & I caught my Nathan with a Double Bubble unwrapped & nearly in his mouth! Yes, it is the 5 cent candy. That’s not the point. I had just finished telling them No Candy. And besides, stealing is stealing. So, I marched him out, plopped him in his car seat, strapped him in & told him how disappointed I was. He cried, pretty hard, because he knows better & probably because he knew how angry I was.

So, after paying for the groceries, Eric & I went back to the car. Nathan says “I not do that again Mommy. Not again.” I told him that was good & that I believed him (and I do!) & that he can have another chance later in the week to show me that he can behave.

But, my heart was practically bursting. A full sentence!! We are hearing so many sentences from Nathan, I can’t believe it. Sure, he’s missing or misuses verbs, prepositions, adjectives…. whatever. He is trying. Two years ago I didn’t think we’d ever get to this point. It is true about how much more exciting milestones are when your child takes a long time to reach them. You notice, you celebrate & you are grateful.

Sentences. Who would have thought 5 years ago that a sentence would bring tears?


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