Beautiful Rain

When I was in high school, one of the songs I sang in choir was called Beautiful Rain. It was an African spiritual, maybe from Ethiopia, that I think of all the time, now that I am a farm wife.

The point of the song is about how precious & beautiful rain is to the land.

“Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain!
Beautiful Rain! Don’t disturb me,
Beautiful Rain.

Oh come, never come
Oh come, never come
Oh come to me, Beautiful rain”

Yes, we had rain last night. Lots of it. Enough to make a couple of puddles. Enough for boys to get out their rubber boots. Not enough to fill the dugouts. Not enough to calm the parched soil. But, enough to make the trees leaf out, the grass grow & the flowers bloom. Enough to give the air that sweet, after the rain smell.

Rain is essential to all life, but possibly more so to my husband. His mood will shift with the changing sky. The rain washes away his stress, brings him hope for the upcoming spring seeding, allows him one more chance to live his dream.

There aren’t that many people who can say they are living their dreams. Neil can. And the rain is what makes it possible.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Rain

  1. It is. It is like a call-answer type of song & sounds best with an incredible male lead vocal.

    We sang it in about 8 part harmony! Shivers me everytime.

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