A Day Off??

My father in law, bless him, was laughing at me a little today, commenting that today is my “day off”. Well, it is from the paid job, but at that point, I had done 6 loads of laundry, hung on the line to dry & some even put away; made cookies & started on cinnamon buns, cleaned the kitchen & washed the floor; cleaned both bathrooms (gross); made lunch; cleaned up from lunch; did dishes (twice); and still managed to get in a shower & some clean clothes. So, there I am, hair in a ponytail, but the wind has caused the wispy bits to pop out, in my John Deere apron, with dishes draining, laundry flapping & kids running through the house. No wonder he was laughing.

We got basically nowhere with the mental health nurse. She’s going to score Nathan’s Conner’s test & write a report & we’ll see the pyschiatrist in June. She doesn’t think she’ll have enough time to get the reports done for May 5th. I am glad she is honest, although I was hoping for it to happen faster. So, I have no idea of what she thinks. That is a little irritating, I was hoping for some indication of what she thought. I am not sure that ADHD is a fit for Nathan, maybe anxiety is a better thought. He wouldn’t even look at Stacey for about 15 minutes. Once he warmed up he did manage to answer a few questions & look at her (eye contact!) for a couple seconds.

It is getting so beautifully warm here finally, spring is definitely here. Thank goodness, I have had enough of the snow.

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