Testing One-Two-Three

We’re off to see the Mental Health Nurse right after lunch today. Nathan’s teacher & daycare provider each filled in the Conner’s Teacher Rating Scale, with suprisingly different results. I don’t know what that means.

I feel like a horrible mother though. Eric was really sick last night & still feels pretty awful, but Nathan has this appointment that I can’t or don’t want to miss. So, here I am, at work, because I want to go to the appointment, instead of at home with my icky feeling kiddo. At the same time, he isn’t sick today, so I probably would have taken him to daycare anyway. It just feels like I dragged them out the door because of the appointment.

I am hoping we can have a definitive answer today about the ADHD. At least, I am hoping it is NO. That puts us back to square one again, but I am not so sure I am interested in medicating the life out of my kid. Maybe I just don’t understand the drugs or the way they work, but I don’t want to gain a compliant, quiet kid and lose a delightful whirlwind that keeps us guessing, hugs with enthusiasm and explores every inch of the world.

I wonder though, if medication will help him to learn, catch up, be more successful? OR will it simply be another thing to try & abandon.


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