Do Children Sleep in Springtime?

Yikes! My boys have been up until at least 9:00 if not 10:00 every night since we went to daylight saving time. They are so busy, playing outside, in the sandbox, swinging, sliding and climbing up and down the farm machinery. You would think that at some point they would be too tired to function & have an early night.

The new slide is a huge hit. My nieces were over for a visit last night & all four of them were tearing up & down the slide. They were going front-ways, backwards, on their knees, legs crossed & Eric even goes backwards, head first. What a crazy kid! What great gross motor activity!! (Wowee, we spend way too much time in therapy if that’s what I think of when I look at a slide) There isn’t going to be a stitch of grass around that playhouse this year, I am sure.

I guess that means they are healthy, happy & active kids. What more could a mother want?

2 thoughts on “Do Children Sleep in Springtime?

  1. I never thought of that. Maybe if you write the music, I can come up with a few more lyrics??

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