Spring Has Sprung

We got our first (little) rain last night. Yahoo! Now the grass & trees can finally start to green up a little. I am tired of the brown, dead look. It is light out until almost 9:00 p.m. now, so we’ve been taking full advantage the last few nights. Monday we went for a walk as a family down our gravel road.

The ditches on either side are fairly deep & some still have a bit of snow/water in the bottom. Nathan was running up & down each side, refusing to stay on the road, rather he was far more interested in all the amazing things that might be down there. We walked our typical route, about a 1/2 mile down to the end of the road & back home. I wonder how many more steps Nathan takes than everyone else, with all that running. No wonder he is soooo skinny. Of course, he also refuses to eat half of what is served for supper too. He seems to like ground beef more and more & devours chicken nuggets, but that is his whole meat consumption. I cannot justify served deep fried chicken nuggets every night, even though I think he would eat nothing else, if given the choice.

We’re still working hard on table manners & use of cutlery with him. I didn’t even give him a spoon to feed himself until he was two (he was too messy), but he still prefers to use his hands rather than a fork. I don’t know if it is so much inability as a preference. He seems to have trouble operating the fork smoothly, but he needs to practice more too. He also has a lot of trouble staying at the table. We’ve started clearing his plate after one warning about staying put. That is helping, but he probably forgets at least three times a week, so I am not sure it is having the desired effect.

The only really great thing to report about meal time is grace. The boys have learned to say grace before meals. Eric can manage the whole:
God is Good, God is Great, Let us thank God for our food. Amen.
all by himself, but he does like to have a bit of prompting. Nathan can say it, not totally clear & God is often good twice, but so what. They are so polite, waiting for everyone to be ready & quiet. They do, however, get irritated if everyone doesn’t say grace!


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