Swings & Slides

Well, I’ve done it now. I joined the “Playground Committee” & am now its Treasurer. I am wondering if I should have my head examined. The reason we need a playground committee?? Our elementary school (which Nathan won’t even enroll in until fall!) is going to be moved in the next year (two, three, four….) to become a new wing connected to the high school. There has never been a playground at the high school, so we will need to start from scratch.

And, the proposed area for the playground is a slough. That is basically a low spot that fills with water every spring & may or may not drain through the summer. It is marshy, muddy & not exactly playground appropriate. So, we need fill, drainage, a fence, trees AND playground equipment. Our school division does not provide playgrounds, so it is left to a parent committee to make this happen.

We tossed around fundraising ideas – selling food, having dinner theatres, magazine sales, ticket sales & talked about grant applications. An hour or so later, we decided to try a food sale & see where that takes us. We are looking at raising a huge amount of money and we don’t even know how much yet, but can bank on it being more than $50,000 I am sure. My loving husband suggested we raffle off a house. “Think BIG!” he says. Then disappears. Well, at least he is supportive of me spending time on the committee.

For the immediate future, we need ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. I despise hawking product door to door, but without better ideas, that is what we’ll be doing. Wanna buy a chocolate bar or a magazine? Feel free, all you lovely readers, to leave a comment suggesting an idea, a website or at least a little moral support. I think Nathan is EASY compared to this mountain.


2 thoughts on “Swings & Slides

  1. Hey there, sugar!
    I suggest you avoid “selling” as much as possible (mostly ’cause I loathe it too!) and go for grants and donations. Schools should be able to give out tax receipts for donations, so that is one plus. Try to find one or two businesses or individuals in town that are willing to do a really nice donation (ie $200 or more), and ask them to challenge the rest of the community to match it or go higher. Maybe you could convince the paper to let you write a little article that could get updated from time to time with “who has taken up the challenge”? Alongside this is definitely the grant thang. Apply for anything and everything, and do the grant applications up nice (I’m always surprised how little effort people put into asking for moolah). You’ll have to figure out what you are building first, and as close as possible to exact costs, but it’ll be worth it. I’d also suggest you look at building an “accessible” playground — it will cost more, but then you can apply for more and different grants. There is a school in our community who built one, and it is awesome — not only accessible for kids in wheelchairs, etc, but also can be used by grandparents who want to play with their grandkids. Think how that might sell in Reston/Pipestone…

  2. You are so right! I didn’t know you were following my ramblings. I like the idea of using the paper though – I hadn’t thought of the challenge aspect. Good idea.

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