Back to Normal?

Ahhh kids. The delightful sounds, sights and smells of chaos. The boys were home maybe 10 minutes and the toys were spread from one end of the house to the other. As much as I hate the mess, I love it too. The mess means they are playing, exploring, growing. The mess means they are so enchanted by the next distraction that they can’t possibly wait one more second to follow it. The mess means I get to hear the off-key, slightly shrieky rendition of the clean-up song when Nathan finally decides the mess is too much.

Singing is something totally new for us. Nathan could hardly string words together last year & now he is filling in a word or two in his favourite songs. He loves Alabama’s “Roll On”, Jason Aldean’s “Amarillo Sky” and “Asphalt Cowboy”. He’ll watch it over and over on YouTube and listens to the songs before bed every night. Good thing Eric likes the same music. They aren’t interested in a lot of kid-focused music, prefering the semi and tractor songs I find for them. I hope that they will learn to sing their ABCs soon, but so far they have no interest in the tune.

I love to sing. In high school I sang in several prestigious choirs in our area and I will sometimes sing at Christmas for the annual community concert. I don’t get a lot of chances to sing and I know I don’t have a voice good enough for a record deal, but I think I sing pretty well. The drama club has started putting on musicals but with the kids so small, I haven’t been able to try out yet. I am hoping in the next year or two that I will get a chance. This year’s production was Fiddler on the Roof & I WISH I could have been involved. I love that musical, the only one I like better is Les Miserables, which is pretty over the top for a community production! Oh well, I will get a chance some day. For now, it is songs in the shower & songs at bedtime.


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