My Boys are Coming Home!

Little happy dance in the corner!! My boys are coming home today & I am so excited to see them again. It has only been 4 days, but I miss them like crazy. Probably just as well that they were at Grandma’s though. I’ve been putting in massive overtime & meetings & am sick, so not exactly the world’s greatest company. I am only hoping that I don’t feel grumpy when we get home & take it out on them.

The house has been relatively clean & tidy all week. That is about to change. Oh well. I kind of miss the toys scattered all over the floor. Really, it is like a workout – twisting, bending & jumping over toys, hopping on one foot when you step on a block, why complain?

Eric told me on the phone on Wednesday that he wanted to come home. Knife to the heart or what? So, I expect he’ll want a cuddle at bedtime tonight. If he doesn’t, I think I will be very sad. Maybe I’ll just hop in & wait to get told “I’m good now, Mommy”. He’s so sweet. I might even read 5 books tonight instead of the usual 3. We’ll see how they feel, Grandma usually tires them out. It is amazing to realize how much you miss the ritual when you don’t have to do it for a week. It makes me also realize how fleeting this age is & a little grateful that Nathan’s delays make it last just that little bit longer.

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