Sick Days

Today is a sick day. I got up this morning & I felt AWFUL. They boys feel almost as bad & spent at least 15 minutes crying, kicking, hiting and generally irritating each other, and this was 5 seconds after they got out of bed. I just could not face another day of work, so I declared it to be a sick day. I figure, if they get a nice, quiet day at home, everyone will feel a little more human tomorrow & be able to function again.

I despise being ill. I am the “drag into work at all costs” type of worker & I have little patience for anyone who takes a day off at every little sniffle. But, eventually all that bravado wears off & I just have to give in. I’ve been in bed early early for the whole week, and I honestly don’t feel as though I have rested. Yuck. Fortunately, after an extra sleep this morning, everyone is starting to perk up a little.

So, today we’ll play toys on the floor, fold some laundry & watch piles of t.v. Probably Mighty Machines, over and over and over….. And then we’ll go to bed early & sleep off the rest of this yucky day. Hopefully tomorrow is a little, no a lot, better.


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