Eric is my second child and is probably more like me than I want to admit. He is more serious and less extroverted, but I see so much of myself in him. We are both quick to anger, instantly defending the underdog, love to cuddle, sneak chocolate and wear our hearts directly on our sleeve.

Eric loves the outdoors and spends as much time in our farm machinery as possible. This morning he is off with his Dad, feeding cows and going to the seed plant to pick up the barley seed for spring planting. Nathan had an OT appointment this morning, so he stayed home with me. All I could see of Eric was a tiny blue hat sticking up over the dashboard, but I know that his entire face was lit up with joy. Daddy is the coolest person Eric knows, but he still needs Mommy to button his coat & wash his hair. I guess at least I still get something.

Bedtime. Yup. I still get bedtime. The boys will tolerate Neil reading them stories, only if I am not home. Otherwise nothing but Mom will do. So I read Goodnight Moon, Busy Wheels, Johnny Tractor, Bob the Builder, Building With Dad…………whatever strikes their fancy. I love to read to them, it is our special time & I know they will be reading by themselves soon enough.

One thought on “Eric

  1. I bet you get them when they are sick too. Everyone needs mommy when they are sick…well except for my oldest son…lol

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