Birthday Party

Yesterday was Nathan’s 5th birthday. We had a party for him, just family, but that means 6 kids and 11 adults. Lots of cake, lots of chaos and lots of love. Nathan was anxious all day Friday, making it nearly impossible to get the house cleaned up. He’s done it since he was very small, he gets worried, and he takes a cupboard apart or he scatters toys throughout the entire house. Fortunately, my lovely husband took them outside and kept them occupied for part of the afternoon. Otherwise, I think I might have murdered him before he reached his 5th birthday!

We asked everyone to keep his presents low-key, not a lot of things, because we think that too much stimulus in his environment is making it difficult for him to learn. He still received lots of nice things, but not so much that it was overwhelming for him. He got a really cool building set called Wedgits, so far his Dad is having a great time with it. Nathan tried it this morning, but was too hyped up on Easter candy to really pay attention. At least he was interested in it.

Nathan was okay for his party, spent most of the time squirreled away in the basement by himself, but that is pretty normal. I told him that if he was feeling scared it was okay to play byhimself or go to his room. He finally got feeling “not scared” about an hour before everyone left. I think there were just too many people, but how do you invite one of your siblings and not the other? Crowds are part of life too and at least this one is people who love him. Better than a bunch of strangers I suppose.

I cannot believe my baby boy is five years old. Seems like only yesterday that he was born. Where does the time go?

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