My Little Boys

I still have to remind myself sometimes that I am a mother of 2 little boys. Not that I am a Mother, but that I have BOYS. They are tough, rough & tumble little guys, just as likely to whack each other as hug. They play in the mud, (Eric hates the bath), track toys all over the house, spill their milk and pee the bed. In short, they are one giant tornado of mess.

Add to that Nathan’s delays, and we have effectively two 3 year old boys. Nathan has a little more self control than Eric, but developmentally they are pretty much the same. It is especially apparent to strangers, who often ask if they are twins. Well, I don’t see it, but I guess it makes some sense, since they are just about the same size. They are especially cute when in matching clothes, but I know that stage is getting pretty old already.

Next week is going to be pretty intense for Nathan. It is his 5th birthday on Saturday and we are planning a party for him. Just family, but there will still be a lot going on. Easter is on Sunday, more family time. We have an OT appointment at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, but he adores her, so that should be ok. Speech is cancelled for the week due to the holidays. Tuesday he’ll have a PT appointment in the afternoon, Wednesday is Nursery School. He’ll be in daycare all week, except Monday as well. here is a good chance he’ll be pretty worn out by Friday! We try to work with him in the evenings, but kinda got out of the routine last week, I just couldn’t get ambitious enough to practice lines, circles, squares, jumping, words, letters, running, ball throwing….. His list of “goals” for the quarter is pretty long and I don’t know if we’re going to hit half of them. And we have to keep patching his eye to help the strabismus.

So, here’s his list: strabismus, recurrent ear infections (ventilation tubes at 16 months), hand flapping, poor eye contact, poor attention span, late talker (really good receptive language, barely 3 years old expressive), delayed fine & gross motor control, can’t/won’t jump from any type of height, is effectively just 24 months on his gross motor skills. Autism has been ruled out. We’re exploring ADHD. We’re also exploring his genetic makeup but are still waiting on results. All this “exploring” needs to get done pretty soon as we have his intake for Kindergarten meeting at the end of May. That’s when they decide if he qualifies for assistance & how much.


2 thoughts on “My Little Boys

  1. Isn’t it a bummer that it is obvious that he needs assistance but he needs a piece of paper to say so. Good luck finding something that will get him what he needs.

  2. It is so irritating – the “professionals” can’t figure out what is wrong with him (and I use wrong pretty loosely) but it is MY fault that there is no diagnosis!

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