Just a thought

I am pretty new to this blogging thing, although I have tried very hard to resist the temptation. There is a part of me that says my thoughts are not that interesting to anyone else, yet I love reading everyone else’s blog, so why couldn’t mine be interesting too?

The other part is that I wish I had been doing this sooner, because it is so hard to remember the little things, the good things and the mundane things. A few words scratched out on paper or up on a screen just help to cement things so much better.

So me. I have two beautiful boys, age 3 and almost 5. They are 20 months apart and as the eldest has a developmental delay, it often feels more like twins than just siblings. We are currently in testing for chromosome issues & so far every other test he’s been given has no reason for his delays. Fortunately, my youngest is average, normal and might even be a little above average, but then I am his mother & I am supposed to think he is brilliant.


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